1. Hi,
    Both stories made me feel sad until the bit when Arnie and George finally found a nice new home. The blog is lovely to read and looking forward to the next instalment

  2. We are told that
    “February brings the rain
    And thaws the frozen lake again”
    This year the promise has been fulfilled and then some. The dogs are growing webbed feet and go for a paddle (or a plodge – for any Geordie readers) not a walk and if we get much more they will need swimming lessons. I wonder if anyone sells doggie water-wings. Let us hope March will be better!

    Why don’t you share your doggie thoughts and experiences with readers of Arnie’s and George’s blog?

  3. I wondered if readers dogs react to tv and radio as our collie Jess does.? The Archers theme tune has her running for the door as do the pips! TV dogs whether real or cartoon, big or tiny have her transfixed, running to look behind the tv to get to them,whereas our other collie has no interest in either. Why do some dogs see tv and react to familiar theme tunes and others don’t? I would love to know! Enjoying the GArnie blog tremendously!

  4. Hello Arnie, We met yesterday at Sandhills Training Centre. Sorry I was a bit in your face when you arrived with Lyn, I’ll know better next time – I think I can be a bit over enthusiastic. Remember me, one of the two new “guys” in the class, a black labrador, and I came with my mate Dylan, another black labrador.

    We hadn’t done anything like that before but really enjoyed our first session and certainly we were impressed at how you took the course, like a real professional. Still, I am quite young so hopefully might improve – I shall be watching you and trying to learn a few tips. Next week my brother Dylan is going, but he is a bit more “in your face” and probably even bouncier than me so I hope he doesn’t get too excited and wreck the class! Anyway, we hope we can become buddies and I’ll be looking up to you as things get a bit harder. Catch you later mate!

  5. From Arnie

    Hi Hardy – it was good to meet you – sorry I was a bit sharp, now I am getting older I can be a bit set in my ways. I have been doing this training stuff for some years now so I know quite a lot of the routines but that doesn’t mean I always do them – if there are interesting smells I just go off into tracker mode – thats much more fun!

    You wait until we get out-doors – then you will see some fun – I can be round that paddock and back before you can say obedience!

    Looking forward to meeting Dylan – I will try to be a bit more patient – see you again in a couple of weeks

  6. hi,
    i hav just finished reading the new part of the blog and it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    sad! it really seems and sounds like its coming from a dogs point of veiw! i hav been looking throung all the pictures of g and a’ s friends all of the pictures are really cool there is a new one isnt there of a really cute little white dog! thet seems and looks really sweet! this dog blog is really cool! i cant wait to read it again somtime soon!
    c u soon! maby even go 4 a walk with the dogs!
    anna -x-x-x-

  7. Thank you Anna – of course it sounds like its my point of view, although Mother does have to help as my paws arn’t very good with keyboard and I have an Auntie Singey who helps get it in to just the words I want to use.

    I do appreciate your sympathy with my being so sad – it is a terrible thing to loose someone – I am getting a bit better now and having lots of different things to do and think about have helped but I think I will miss him a bit for ever because that’s how it is when you really love someone.

    George and I will certainly bring our Mother up to see you soon.

  8. I’ve just had time to read the blog’s – they’re written in such a lovely way! The way you capture and describe George and Arnie’s thoughts seems so realistic and all the little stories are so sweet and funny. The part about Rowland is very sad, particularly because it’s so beautifully written. I’m looking forward to reading more and send my love to the furry cousins! Lots of Love, Tash xxx

  9. Dear Tasha

    Thank you for such nice comments – Arnie and George just want me to say that their Auntie Singey has also given them a lot of help – they think she must have had a lot of practice at proof-reading

    They have also said you must visit them soon

    Lots of love
    Lynnie and the FCs

  10. Hello Lyn! I was just wondering how you were doing when I got your blog address via Sally. Thank you for letting me share your lovely dog stories, could not stop reading, beautifully written! I only wish Rowland could read them too!

    Since my experience of dogs is very limited it’s fantastic to get to learn how they think… And like Arnie says, I am convinced there will be something good waiting for you around the corner Lyn.
    We have just bought an apartment in Stockholm and are about to sell our house If you decide to come to see us, your are very welcome!
    Sincere Regards,

  11. Hi Lena – hope all is going well

    I understand from Sally that you are actually in the process of moving now

    Hope all is going well


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