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Have you read my story?  I’d love to read your  comments and will try and answer any questions that you may have.   Please click on the comment link above – Arnie


  1. Dear Arnie,
    You have a reputation as a connaisseur of the finer things in life – food in particular. Perhaps you could recount a few of your culinary adventures? Your canine readership would welcome any tips and tricks you could offer! (The humans will read with interest, too, but be warned! The bipeds are always looking for ways to thwart canine fun and are likely to regard your stories as cautionary tales!)

  2. Dear Cindy

    It is true, I do enjoy the finer things in life and particularly, as you say, good food. I personally find one of the best ways to ensure that I can get the best of what is on offer (or rather what isn’t) is to run my nose along the worktops in the kitchen. I achieved a large piece of sticky lemoney cake in this way. I shared it with George as there was more than I can eat and he is too small to reach for himself. I also find handbags a good source of edibles – I managed to extract a super-tasty cheese sandwich from the District Nurse’s bag while she was looking after Father.

    Please tell Fenn that if he needs any assistance along these lines I am always prepared to share my experiences

    Love and licks

  3. Hi Arnie – I was sitting by mum when she was looking at your site and I think you are soooo handsome. I am an older woman of uncertain age with a mysterious background. There is some thought that I may have hound in my background as I sing with happiness from time to time.

    I was wondering if you had ever tried raw sausages? My mum likes to leave the food on the worktop to defrost and although as a more mature lady I really don’t like to be seen to jump too often I can still stretch to the top of the work surfaces and whenever possible enjoy a meal of raw frozen sausages. Delicious.

  4. Great to meet you Toffee – so pleased to be contacted by a kindred spirit – I have managed to get hold of all sorts of things (don’t tell anyone I said so but Mum’s a bit scatty!) and leaves all sorts of things in reach, especially if she is in a bit of a hurry. My fav is cheese especially one that she gets with chilli and garlic in it – if she gets distracted when she is making lunch I can sometimes get it first – then she has to have the boring old stuff we usually get for treats (rofl)

    Sadly we don’t get much meat as Mum only cooks it when we have visitors (do you enjoy BBQ’s?) though Dad was a real carnivore just like me – and he gave us loads of tit-bits so I have never tasted RAW sausage but if they’re better than cooked ones they must be pretty scrummy

    Hope we can chat again – you sound as though you must have hound in you with such a sound approach to your tummy

    Sorry not to have responded sooner – Mum has got a bit obsessed with your mum’s site and has been reorganising our site so hasn’t been paying propper atention to helping me with my posts

    Loads of snuffles


  5. Think nothing of it. Next time you have a BBQ try and get your paws on a frozen sausage – preferably a good quality one from the butcher – none of this Tesco Value rubbish.

  6. Will keep it in mind Toffee and thanks for the posts – George has had so many, since he got his French penfriend, that he has been getting QUITE unbearable. I don’t think he means to but he is so excitable – bouncing all over the place when he is pleased about something. probably comes of being a terrier. Not so focussed as a hound like me!

    Mum says that your Mum thinks you may be a bit hound too

    More snuffles

  7. Hi big boy! I’m a terrier but not one of those messy creatures like the Jack Russells. I am a rough tough wanna be working girl with shiny black hair and brown eyes. Toffee is my big sister and she is a right stick in the mud. All she wants is to eat and have her chest tickled by humans. I’d love to run with you and look for deer. Get your mum to come on holiday to Wales.

  8. Hello big boy. I’m Ojo. I live with Toffee and Manny and I am piggy in the middle. Middle in age and middle in size but when it comes to being bossy I’m on top. Mum laughs at me because I only like boys – human or dogs. Girls are silly and sissy and worry about getting their feet wet and I like to try and be a rough tough exploring dog, into everything. I’d love to play with you – we could run and run together. I like to run and sometimes I forget I’m not supposed to then I get to the end of the road, remember what I’m meant to be doing and turn round and come back. Mum says I look like a little fat black bullet!

    (Btw if Toffee tells you anything about me – just ignore her – she is an old stick in the mud.)

  9. Hey Arnie – if the little black pig (aka Ojo) is bothering you just shout and I will deal with her. Irritating little monkey. Mind you she is quite cute when she’s asleep and she is good at keeping me warm at night.

  10. Hey Ojo – you sound JUST my sort of pal – when I get the opportunity I will run and dig until my paws hurt. I did just that 2 days ago and now Mother won’t let me off my lead again for ages – but it’s just that I forget the time.

    I was out training this morning – which is pretty good fun and usually means lots of treats – but Mother still can’t get her hands and feet sorted out – what chance have I got of being a real winner with a Clutz like that as a handler?

    Thanks for the post – and dont worry I won’t listen to anyone saying nasy things – but I did like Toffees posts


  11. Hi there Arnie,
    Jake’s pal Jasper here – just thought I’d say hello – I was reading about the digging and I just LOVE to dig! I can spend hours just digging.
    I am pretty good at “finders keepers” when it comes to food as well. My favourites are pate, garlic sausage and ham. Our mum is scatty too. She’s always forgetting to put things out of reach.
    I don’t think she knows this but when things are too high for me, Mitten gets up and knocks them down then we share them.
    We went to a chateau (big posh house) once and there were some very nice treats and titbits on a low table. I had a lovely time but mum was a bit cross. I can’t think why.

    You can see pictures of Mitten and me in the ones that Jake sent to George.

    Loki says hi

  12. Hiya Jasper

    You’ve certainly got the right idea about food – can’t think why these humans get so worried about us helping our selves. if they just remembered to put it in our bowls or even on the floor we wouldn’t have to help ourselves.

    Anyway when I make my fortune with the ‘Dogbrella’ I will always have as much food as I can eat

    Noticed your comment on Mitten – obviously a very well trained cat – but don’t you find sharing your house with a cat a high price to pay for a bit of extra food? The only cat I really know is called Butler – and he scratched my nose then my bottom


    PS tell Loki I have seen his picture as well – we won’t mention the other creature in it – and he looks fun too though Mother says he gets frightened

  13. Here’s a tip for you Arnie – works well when there are short legged beasties around. Mum left some really nice ham on the worktop so I helped myself to a bit then pulled the packet on the floor, made a bit of noise so mum comes in and finds me long gone and the little uns helping themselves. Meat is no good for humans or so mum says but she won’t let the little uns have it because she thinks they pinched it so it all ends up in MY bowl at supper time. Good plan or what!

  14. Hi Toffee

    That’s sooo clever. I have managed to get a lot off the tops over the years – and when it is a good trawl I am even prepared to share it with the runt but never thought to make off when I hear the humans comming! (and me supposed to be the brains of the family!)

    I am pretty good at hiding the evidence though if I liberate anything that has been wrapped – I tuck it under the cushion in my den (Mother calls it a crate – but it is all dark and secret) Do you do that?

    Got to go because it is tripe for dinner

    Good hunting

  15. To be honest Arnie I can’t be bothered anymore. I used to when I was younger. I also had a den in the long grass at the bottom of the garden. I used to take the odd shoe or whatever and hide it out there. So funny to watch mum searching while I was curled up in the basket. Mind you, mum says I am such a good girl now that I’ve grown up but I can still do the odd cheeky thing if opportunity presents itself!

  16. Hiya Toffee

    Good to hear from you – Mothers not much fun today – I think she was up too much in the night – then she has been out most of the day.

    Know what you mean about not being bothered – some days I feel as if I can’t especially if George is being really pushy. I did go for a walk today with some friends and we chased about a bit which was fun – though I had to stay on one of those long lead things and tomorrow is Agility – that really is fun and they think I’m quite a chap even if they do sometimes laugh at me!


  17. Hi Arnie I am sorry I missed your birthday yesterday, I hope you had a wonderful day, I am looking forward to reading all about you and George, have a great day kisses and hugs to you both.x

  18. I have just read your story Arnie and it broke my heart. I’m so glad you, Mother and George are doing well. And it’s important to remember however much you miss Father, how lucky you were to ever have one who loved you all as much as he obviously did/does.
    all our love
    Laura and Pippin

  19. Hello Arnie

    i have just read about you peaking to the treats A.K.A food!!
    my mum lost my sister on Monday, shes been very sad although i don’t understand that much, hasn’t stopped me climbing behind the fridge freezer and cooker its funny mum goes in to a state of panic her face is very funny, and now puts a wine bottle their so i cant get their until i dragged it to her the other morning. im guessing from her face she don’t like wine.
    im 10 weeks old full of hormones and love peoples legs! my mum tells me off when i jump on her leg. the cupboard trick i think i am their i pulled all the cleaning clothes out but mum keeps my food up out the way because well i got my head stuck in a can last week.
    i love to chat bark away to myself then pull a funny face when mum says sssshhhhh.
    i did leave my mum a few presents the other morning i dont think she liked them tho as well she had a horrible wake up moment when having her morning trip to the noisy thing.
    ever since my sister was PTS mum hasn’t stopped hugging me, i love cuddles but im a young male who wants to run and bring her more wine. any timps i can pass on to her?
    awaiting new tricks

  20. Hi Fudge

    Thank you for reading about me – I do think food is one of the really important things in life – if you ever need any advice about obtaining extra supplies I’m the Dog for you – these humans just don’t appreciate how much food we need

    I was very sad when Mother told me about your sister – As you will have read, I lost my Dad so I know how sad your Mum must be feeling.

    I will write again soon but Mum is hurrying me off to bed just now


  21. Hi Laura and Pippin

    Thank you so much for your kind words – I’m Sorry not to have replied sooner – Mother has to help me type and she is a bit unreliable – but I do try to keep her in order. I find taking her for lots of long walks is good


  22. Hi Auntie Catherine

    I’m sorry Mother hasn’t been keeping up with her posts as often as she should which means she doesn’t let me know when there is anything for me. Actually she is such a clutz with all this techno stuff I don’t think she updated the site properly!

    Thank you for your Birthday wishes – it is a pretty dumb day for a Birthday as i always have to go to bed early cos of all those things that flash and go bang – at least I am safe in my lovely cosy crate-den!


  23. Hi Fudge

    I have managed to get back to my post

    I had important things to do first, which involved going out for a walk.

    Having had the night to brood on your post I think you are doing just the right things for your Mum – just get into as much mischief as you can – that way she won’t have so much time to dwell on all the sad things. George and I do lots of things to distract Mother – sometimes I think we may go a bit too far and she scolds a bit but she does seem to enjoy telling her friends about what she calls our ‘naughtiness’ And when she calls us ‘two bad boys’ she doesn’t seem too cross.

    If you can get your mum to find something special to do it might help her – our Mother started this website when she lost our Dad – I don’t think he was PTS I think he just got more tired and eventually went to live with the Big Dog in the sky – but time seems to have made things easier for all of us. I don’t understand these things very well either and I was 8 years old on my last Birthday which must seem a very great age to you!

    Well got to go now littl’un

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