Talk with George

PhotobucketHi – I love to have pen-friends and read your comments.  As you may know if you have read my story I do find life difficult at times and I am happy to tell you a bit about this or answer any other questions you may have  – George


  1. Dear Georgie,
    I just wanted to say, from a little friend who is very timid, that I am glad to have you as a mate. Other dogs, especially ones bigger than me make me scared, but you are always ready for a play and a sniff of my rear end, which is the polite thing to do in our circles. You have made me feel a whole lot more confident, especially since I know that you have had a little trouble in certain doggie social situations as well. Big boy Arnie is a great mate too, but don’t breathe a word to him, I think you are a little bit hunkier and more my kind of guy in the looks dept.
    yours in loopiness, Floss

  2. Dear Flossie

    Thank you for writing – I didn’t really think anyone would want to write to me – and you are one of the prettiest girls I know!

    I am really looking forward to going out with you again – especially if we can have a good run in the woods.. Arnie is so bold the way he runs off, leaving me behind, but I like to stay near mum and I know you like to stay near your humans too so it is more fun.

    See you soon

    Licks and snuffles

  3. Good morning George. We haven’t met you yet but have heard LOADS about you from your Mum, and Arnie drops the odd comment to us at our obedience class. Are you really as unfriendly as your mum suggests? Perhaps that is just from a human perspective. Our mum has met you and she kinda likes you, you know. Mind you, now that we have met Arnie we see he is quite a character. Once he gets his nose down to the ground that’s it – he’d made an excellent tracker dog. Last Saturday Hardy watched in amazement as he just flew up the A frame – cos Hardy had tried and failed. Even with tit bits luring him up there. Trouble was, he is SO good at it that he got excited and went up there again (by mistake) when he was supposed to be going over the jumps!

    Perhaps we’ll meet one day George. We are on sick leave at the moment. Can you believe it, what these humans do to us. We were trotted off to the vet on Monday and left there. Still the nurses did let us share a cage for most of the time so it wasn’t too lonely. Apparently our mum decided it was “best for us” (her opinion obviously) to take away our manly bits and that was that. The CHOP! Hah! We made sure she knew we weren’t happy about it as we wailed and cried all evening and then all night.

    Anyway, now it appears we can only enjoy a bit of a flirt with the girls we meet out – we are told we are not bad looking, but I suppose this will keep us out of trouble. Well that’s what Mum says and she’s sticking to it!

  4. Hi Hardy and Dylan

    I should like to meet you sometime but Arnie tells me you are very big and a bit bouncy and sometimes, if I get frightened, I start to panic and find myself telling everyone to go away very fiercely. I have been told you know Fenn and I get on with him OK now though I was very frightened of him just at first.

    Sorry to hear you are not feeling to good at the moment but pretty brave to let your Mum know you weren’t too happy about it! Arnie and I had to have have the ‘chop’ too. I have heard from others who have had it that it isn’t all bad as afterwards they have been allowed more freedom – not that that applies to Arnie and me as I only want to be with Mum anyway and Arnie stays on his lead. Don’t say I told you so but this is because he is a BAD DOG who doesn’t come home!

    Actually talking about Arnie – you shouldn’t be so impressed with his exploits – he is getting too full of himself and keeps writing about it in his diary.

    Anyway nice to hear from you chaps and I will try to be nice when I meet you – Mum is really trying to help with my confidence


  5. Hello George. Well, I suppose if we are honest with you, we are quite big, well certainly bigger than you. Heard your Mum explaining that you do get a bit scared with some dogs, so I suppose you might find us a bit much, well together. Of the two of us, my brother Dylan is the bigger one and very bouncy. In my opinion he puts far too much effort into greeting humans particularly, and seems surprised that they don’t like it when he jumps up at them. I mean, when you see one of the smaller humans being knocked backwards and Mum being absolutely livid with him, you would think he would learn. I think she has learned more than him now as I notice the lead comes out quite quickly and Dylan goes on it whereas I have a bit more freedom!

    Perhaps one day I will meet you but perhaps must me on my own. I think you may not find me quite so “full on” as big bro!

    Actually, think we mentioned the lead walking to you. Can’t stand it to be honest. Why can’t they just let us run around and do what we want, when we want. Sounds like your Arnie likes doing that too!. Show us a rabbit or a squirrel and we’re off – and totally deaf to any of this whistling and calling us back! You say Arnie is a BAD DOG but I think my brother Dylan is probably just as bad. You see the state our Mum gets in when he decides to “act deaf” and stay in the undergrowth – she does some amazing things to try and get him out! Can you believe she lay down once and went all quiet, not moving etc. I suppose she thought we’d be worried about her not moving. Not quite sure what that message was supposed to be, but it didn’t impress us so we still ignored her. I think I must be quite cool really as Mum certainly doesn’t shout at me like she does Dylan.

    By the way, we see Fenn sometimes too. Actually, when we were very little we weren’t too sure about him as all he did was come around us barking and a couple of times he growled, which isn’t really the manners you expect from your family, which he is. Still, I think now we all get on OK – probably not close mates but some mutual respect there and we don’t mind sharing some of our treats with him. He just loves treats, in fact he ignores us more now and just goes to sit in the kitchen and look at the biscuit barrel, which seems to work, as he actually gets offered digestive biscuits when he comes – we don’t get offered those.! A bit of favouritism there on Mum’s part we suspect.

    Having made Mum suffer on Monday night by letting her know, in no uncertain terms, that we were not happy boys, we thought we would try a bit harder to be good today. That didn’t last long though. Actually it was Dylan who started it, and I was trying very hard to be good. Lying on my bean bag and minding my own business. Big bro comes in with “my chew”, lays in front of me and kept challenging me to chase him around the lounge. I did resist for quite a while, and then thought the young upstart should be taught a lesson. Don’t mess with MY chew! I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that Mum was really cross with us. Something to do with not getting excited as we had stitches in. Not sure where the sewing bit comes in though!

    We only let the side down once on the walk, and unusually it was me – and it involved Dad. See, we are not used to be walked around forest and gallops on these restraints- we like to be off as soon as we can, so if you see a squirrel through the trees it is not unusual to charge in after it. I’m sure you would agree on that. Well, maybe not you George, but Arnie would. Anyway, I just thought “oh! what the heck” and went – I’d forgotten, in the excitement, that Dad was holding on to the end of this silly lead thing and over he went – and off I went. I didn’t get far as he was SO cross, hadn’t heard him shout like that before, which was a bit unnerving, so I did as he said and SAT. You would think he would be pleased that I sat down, as he had asked me to, but no even that seemed to be wrong as I got really told off. Never did quite make out why Mum was down on the ground too, hanging on to a lead with Dylan on the end. Looked like he had tried to charge after me and pulled her over. Ho hum! That changed the mood of the walk so we came home and thought we would have a bit of quiet and chat to you.

    A “high five” paw to you George! Fenn is good at “high fives” by the way!

  6. Hi Hardy

    thank you for writing to me so much – I never thought anyone would – although Arnie can be a bad boy he is so clever and has so many friends

    You both lead such exciting lives and it is soooo clever of you to run rings round your humans – no wonder Arnie thinks so much of you both.

    Fenn’s Mum taught Arnie to do a “high five” – I’m just learning

    Take care – hope you are feeling properly well again soon


  7. Hi Georgie,
    I have just read about how you were constructed by him upstairs from his ragbag. I wonder if there are any more where you came from as I am in season and am looking for a hubby with all his accoutrements intact. On inspecting you recently at close quarters, , |I think yours may have gone missing on one of our walks. Never mind… but if you have any contacts??.
    yours expectantly but respectfully,
    Floss Turek (miss).. SO FAR…

  8. Hi George,
    Love your site – What a good idea.
    I am a traditional Welsh Border Collie called Jake. My people (who then lived at Ringles Cross) got me from the Kit Wilson Trust at Hadlow Down. I think that’s quite near you. I don’t remember too much about life before, I don’t think it was very good because I was very jumpy when my people first got me and didn’t know who to trust. If anyone came to the door I used to shake and hide until they had gone but my people taught me that I was safe and never ever left me on my own. Now, although I am still wary, I am prepared to be friendly.
    We live in France now and I have two new brothers who were having a hard time over here. They are Jasper, a tri-colour belgian collie and Loki a black and white short haired french border collie. Jasper and I are soulmates we do everything together. He was abandoned in the forest to fend for himself at just 3 months old and was desparate for someone to love. Loki is a different thing altogether. He was living in a tiny two room apartment and had never been outside. He is very annoying and likes to pick fights but we tolerate him, after all he can’t help it – prison does funny things to a dog. The latest addition to our household is a ferrel kitten whose mother was run over. She is very sweet and likes to curl up with us three boys at night. Funnily enough Loki seems to be her favourite and he loves her too.
    Have a good Easter and say Hi to Arnie for me

  9. Dear Flossie

    Thank you for writing again, saddly you are quite right about my bits but Dad thought it would be better for me as I do find life a bit difficult sometimes and he thought too much of something he called Testosterone (or some such long word) might make my life harder. I didn’t know then that I would meet such a nice girl. If I meet a young dog who is good enough I will let you know but I should like to be an uncle.

    Big licks

  10. Dear Jake

    Thank you for writing to me – your life sounds very exciting. I have never been abroad but Mum says Kit Wilson Trust is very near and my best friend at Dog Club, a very pretty little Jack Russell cross came from there and her Mum actually works there

    I expect it is good for Loki to have the kitten love him – us dogs who have been badly treated need lots of love. Sometimes it is just lack of love making us insecure that makes us get into fights even when, deep down, we don’t want to. I am going to try and explain about this in my blog but it is quite difficult to find the right words. if you look again in 2 – 4 weeks I might have managed something.

    Hope you all have a good Easter – and please keep in tough with Arnie and me – do you ever come back to Ringles Cross?

    Licks and snuffles and I will try not to growl if I ever meet you

  11. Hello again,
    Thanks for writing back so quickly. We got your link from our friend Lily. She lives with our mum’s friend, Belinda. Have you met Lily? She’s our favourite friend over here. We have lots of fun together. She’s the girl that makes my ears go all silly.

    My mum says she doesn’t know if we’ll be back that way again. We don’t have the house at Ringles Cross any more and travelling is more difficult now with the three of of us and Mitten. There are thirteen goats and four hens too so mum stays here with us mostly whilst our dad visits England. Still, you never know, we do have other people there so who knows. I won’t mind too much if you growl. I’ll just wait until you feel calmer. That’s what I do with Loki.
    Do you ever go to Buxted Park? Mum used to take me there a lot with my frisbee – I do love a game of frisbee – and hosepipe! oh hosepipe is such a brilliant, wet, exciting game of chase the water jet. Do you like games?
    Well, I am going to clean my mum’s feet now so I’ll chat again soon.

  12. Hi again Jake

    Lily is a sort of cousin of ours, at least her Mum and ours are cousins so that must make us sort of cousins. Mum used to go to Buxted Park with Dad and they wore very funny cloths, not at all like she wears when she walks us so I don’t think they were playing with a frisbee but they did bring us nice things to eat when they came home.

    Life where you are sounds so interesting, I haven’t met goats – can you chase them? I see deer quite often but Mum makes us stay near her. Also we used to have horses but they are gone now – I have heard that when they leave earth they go to live with a big winged horse in the sky that can fly like a bird. The Big Dog doesn’t fly but I have seen his stars in the sky and I know that one day we will go to be with him and live happily in the Great Kennel for ever – but I am happy where I am just now so I hope it won’t be too soon because I don’t like change!

    Well I have just had a long walk so need a bit of a doze in front of the fire now – hope we meet one day – you sound so cool

    Big licks

  13. Hi George,
    We can’t really chase goats because my mum would be very upset, besides they do tend to biff us if we misbehave around them. My mum takes Jasper and Loki to help her with the goats so that Jasper can teach Loki how to deal with them. Jasper is really good at that sort of thing but I’m too timid with them.

    Have you met chickens? We have those too but we mustn’t chase those either. They are where those things called eggs come from and mum lets us have a fresh egg sometimes.

    We had a bit of drama here, Our poor Mitten came home with a broken leg. She went to the vet for four days. They put pins in it and she has to stay in a cage for a month. She is very unhappy about it and cries a lot. We all miss having her cuddle up with us, especially Loki.

    Right – looks like mum’s going to bed now so I’ll be off until next time.

  14. Hi Jake

    Mum was a bit cross about my question about chasing the goats – she says I know about not chasing animals! Sometimes humans are so mean – still if they can biff back maybe I should be a bit timid too.

    Arnie met chickens once – he said they are not safe! He said he has put a warning about them in his story!

    Sorry to hear about Mitten but tell her prison doesn’t last for ever – the kitten next door to us had a broken leg too and we didn’t see him for ages; then all of a sudden he was back just the same as ever. He used to sit on our wall and look down on us. I didn’t mind but Arnie used to tell him off

    Hope Mitten is soon well – licks and butt sniffs

    PS Mum says if you have any photos we would love to see you all – you can send them to


  15. Hey George,

    Saw the photos there. Saw the painting of Lily too. We went to play with Lily when her mum was painting that.

    Glad you only chase things to play – There are a lot of dogs out there who hurt other animals. it makes me very sad. It makes my mum sad too.

    Funny to think that we lived so close to you when we were in England. We might even have met at Buxted Park. My mum took me there every day.

    take care

  16. Hi Jake

    Do you live near Lily? Lily’s human said we can stay with her but Mum is a bit frightened of driving there and she says we would need something called passports – you must have done all that. I have traveled quite far – sometimes I have used to be in Dad’s van for nearly a whole day but I haven’t been to sea.

    Anyway our Auntie Singey is much braver and bosses Mum about quite a lot to make her do things – and she brings us toys and treats too so she might be able to make something happen

    I do think I would like you because all the collies I know are nice – except one who bounces too much. I went back to school today and there were 3 collies there who I didn’t know at all and I walked right past them Julia (I call her my Mage) was very pleased with me



  17. Well done for getting past those collies, George.

    Lily lives about 5 minutes away in the car. She is our best friend from outside home.

    I do have a passport – it shows all my vaccinations and even has my photo in it.
    Mum says that if you don’t have passports you will need to do the rabies test which takes 6 months before they let you travel. She can’t tell you exactly how to do it because things have changed a bit since I got mine and neither Jasper or Loki have one. Your mum will need to talk to the vet about it. Let me know how she gets on.


  18. I have spoken with my Auntie Singey and she is going to see what she can do – but since even Mum doesn’t have a passport it might take some organisation – I know Mum looks after us pretty OK but otherwise she is a bit of a mess!


  19. Never mind George, I think most humans get to be a mess sooner or later when things go wrong, a bit like we do. I think that as long as they have us to give them lots of love, they get through okay. We boys have to give mum a cuddle sometimes and it always seems to make her feel better.


  20. Hiya Jake,

    Great to hear from you – have tried to follow your advice so snuggled up to mum as much as possible – particularly on those occasions when she might need some extra suport – like when she is just about to go out. I feel if I can make sure she has plenty of fluff on her cloths the humans out there will know she has us at home to look after her.

    Life has been pretty busy here as I am going to school twice a week again now and Auntie Singey came for the week end – she has been telling mum to get a passport which sounds promising but I overheard them saying that if they came over they wouldn’t take us first time

    So don’t hold your breath – as the humans are always saying

    Will catch up soon


  21. Hi George,
    I bet your mum feels a lot more confident with all your fluff on her clothes to remind her that she has you two to come home to.
    I wouldn’t worry about not coming the first time. I’m sure that having been over once, your mum will love France and be happier to bring you over in the future.
    Who is Auntie Singey? She sounds like an okay human to me.
    Ooh! It looks like we’re going to the lake again today. I hope there are plenty of fishermen, they get so worried when we start sniffing all around their rod stands – we do it on purpose just to see their faces – although sometimes Loki goes too far and pees up their tents, then mum has to tell him off.
    Rowf Rowf

  22. Hi Jake

    You always seem to be doing such exciting things where you live. Still Mum has promised to take me to the beach this summer – I have never seen the sea before.

    Auntie Singey is Mum’s sister – I think her name is sort of French – it comes from your word for a monkey – she has had it since she was a pup. She is very nice and makes a lot of fuss of us and calls us her Furry Nephews – I’m LFN and Arnie is BFN (because I am not as big as he is)

    Last night I went to training and everyone was well impressed that I have a French Pen-friend

    Lots of snuffles

  23. The beach is great and the sea is lovely for paddling. We go there sometimes – not very often though . Mum says it’s because it’s quite a long time in the car just to go for a walk.
    She plays hosepipe with us to make up for it. We played that yesterday. Jasper and I chase around and she turns the spray on us as we go past. Loki doesn’t like get wet – he sits right over the other side of the courtyard and stays out of the way until we’ve finished.

    We’ve got a river down the field too and Jasper likes to swim there but it’s too deep for me – I like to keep my feet on the ground.

    I asked Mum and she said that the word “singe” does mean monkey but it also means rascal.

    tail wags

  24. Hi George, I think you and I would be good mates – I worry about stuff too. There are those pesky flies which dance near my nose, that horrible dog that I can see through the window of the conservatory when it’s dark outside (mum says his name is Justa – Justa Reflection) he really scares me.

    My favourite things in the world are my mum and socks – any socks, new or old.

  25. Hi Manny – I know who you are – or at least I knowjust what you look like because I have seen you on Mum’s computer. You are always digging and it makes you look so much fun – I wish I could come and dig with you. I think you are right we could be great mates.

    I am getting less scared these days – this morning I made friends with Susie who has just come to live next door with some really nice humans. Mum was so pleased with me she gave me a treat then she gave both of us a treat – I like it hen Mum lets other dogs share my treats because it meas she likes us being friends, so I never growl

    Really I only growl when I am scared and I have what Mum calls panic attacks. Do you get attacked by these panic things when you see your ‘Justa’?

    Mum says I have to finish on this machine now

    So butt sniffs – which Mum says is the right way to greet new friends

  26. Hi Jake

    Sorry not to have written for so long – haven’t been to the seaside yet – Mum says Arnie will have to stay on his lead or he might get to France before she does. He can swimm quite well but i’m like you – I like to know my paws will reach the bottom.

    Mum said she hadn’t time to help me with my post as she has been sorting out our blog for us. she has also been spending a lot of time on a special site all about dogs like me – after looking at that she said Arnie had to do more training because he had been stealing! I don’t think he wanted to eat the things just wanted to be noticed!

    This morning I made a new friend with a little girl Jack Russell who has moved in next door and I also have a new penfriend called Manny who looks really nice.

    Lots of snuffles

  27. Hey George – I’m sure I wrote to you. My sister wrote to Arnie but I thought I dictated a note to you too. I’m like you – I’m a sensitive soul and I worry a lot. Last night mum was really mean and refused to move out of the conservatory even though we were both in mortal danger from a great winged beast. Mum said it was a “Justa” – she said it was Justa Moth and it wouldn’t hurt but I don’t believe her. Was she telling the truth?

  28. oops – mum said I should have scrolled up and seen my note to you and your reply. Tell your mum she can delete the latest one if she likes!

  29. Oooh no Manny – I won’t let her delete anything – I like Arnie to see that I get more mail than him – and he still hasn’t found something called a ‘backer’ for that silly dogbrella idea of his that he has been writing about in his diary.

    Oh and about the “justa” – I know these things are scarry but Mum says we have both got to learn to trust our Mums – and it is true – since the ‘tug-of-war business when I nearly got pulled in two she has been pretty good so I am trying

    Fluff n stuff

  30. Hey George,
    I was reading about the “justa” and I have to say that although they don’t taste very nice, your mum is right, they won’t hurt you.
    The ones you have to look out for are the ones that buzz. I was in the garden playing with a mini human and there was a buzz. The mini human was getting upset about it so I ate it to save her – but it was not good. It bit me in the top of my mouth and my brain swelled up. I couldn’t stand up, my head went lop-sided.and I had to go and stay with the vet. Mum said I nearly died. She gets really worried when she sees one now.



  31. OW! Jake – that’s one of the reasons I don’t much go outside without my mum. (I go when I have to “go” of course but otherwise I want my mum with me)

    There are so many Justas – Justa Reflection, Justa Moth, Justa Carrier Bag – but right now I’m happy. Mum on the laptop, me under her feet. All I want now is some fooooooood.

  32. Hiya Manny and Jake

    this is just sooo exciting being able to share my friends – I have been jumping around with excitement all morning – we went too the woods and it was exciting there too and we saw some deer. Arnie wanted to track them but Mum made us go the other way. I don’t thin a deer is a justa but there was a justa mouse in the garden and a justa spider in the sitting room. Mum put it outside as Arnie thinks all the Justas should be tasted incas they are edible. He says justa mouse is good but you need a lot to make a good breakfast – but he is much braver than me

    that was very brave Jake, eating a justa to save a mimi human – pretty tough having to stay with the vet though – Arnie had to do it when he broke his legs but I should be so frightened and when I’m frightened sometimes I bite people

    Just going to take a nap in the sun as a lot of excitement does make me tired but will be bouncing again in a bit

    Sniffs and snuffles


  33. Know how you feel about the biting thing. I did that when I had my boy bits taken away (mind you dad said he would have done the same thing) Do any of you like children? I do but I couldn’t eat a whole one!

  34. I used to be frightened of children but now I am used to them and Mum asks me to lie on my back so they can tickle my tummy whci is nice and they seem to like it too.

    I still don’t like bouncy ones – I might be tempted to try and eat one of those!

    No sun today so have cuddle up to Mum for my nap – do you know she asked her friend, Pam, if I should have my coat stripped for summer!!! Apart from it sounding hurty I might be cold – some humans. Luckily Pam told her that.

    You have a lovely long coat – does your Mum do anything to it?


  35. She runs her fingers through it and pulls bits out sometimes. And (please don’t tell anyone) sometimes if she is watching tv she starts to plait it and I end up with dreadlocks. I don’t bite because I would never want to hurt her and I know she means no harm but it sooooo embarrassing and the girls laugh at me.

  36. Mums can be – mine doesn’t even know the propper things to say in a post – you know – those short things they use instead of writing whole words!


  37. We went to play with Lily yesterday and we all chased round the garden whilst the humans sat in the sun watching us. It was great fun.
    Then another human came and mum said we all had to “come by her” until the gate was closed again.
    Lily found a dead mouse and she and loki took it in turns to carry it around to show it off.

    You really have to get your mum to get the passport thing organised, she would love it here and so would you. There are no traffic noises and there are trees everywhere and wonderful smells and when you go somewhere like the lake there are loads of P-mails to read.

    tail wags

  38. Hi Manny,

    I like my mini humans (children) because mum has taught them how to behave with animals but a lot of others are too much for me. Mum says that the ones who don’t have pets, don’t learn how to behave with us and so tend to treat us like toys.

    Jasper likes pretty much anybody (except intruders). When he came to live here he was really uncertain about everything but he was young and mum built his confidence up and gave him security, He is very laid back now.
    She taught him not to eat the chickens and he learned how to turn away when face to face with the goats so that there was no need for confrontation. Now he is really good with most things.
    Loki was more difficult because he had never been outside before he came here, so everything was a threat to him – but even he is really getting good.

    I know what you mean about embarrassing mums – mine calls us “cute” names in public and has a tendency to kiss us too. I guess it shows how much she loves us – but it’s not exactly good for the image is it.

    tail wags

  39. Hi there. I got really grumpy last night and mum got cross with me. I’m a bit embarrassed but we’re all friends here so I’ll tell you what I did. I swore at a miniWildthing. He tried to kiss me on the head and I hate it. Mum got cross and sent me off to the kitchen but I heard her telling Dad after that although she had punished me she had really told MWT off as well because he is old enough to know that I don’t like kisses. I’ve been trying to be good today but mum has said I have to stay off the furniture for the time being.

  40. Dear George,

    I’m Arwen and I live on the other side of the big pond. Your Mum has been so nice to my Daddy, and I got to read your story while sitting on my Dad’s shoulders. I have been so lucky because I have always been with my real mom, Magic Smith, and my Daddy. I never had a human Mom. I live with my mom, Magic and Mage. Mage is very old and sometimes she gets cranky if I want to play. Oh yeah, I’m 3 1/2 .

    We used to live on a farm with our Daddy. We could run all we wanted and we had our own pond with Ducks and frogs. I only got to ride on our tractor once in a while. You see Mage never leaves Daddy’s side and there isn’t a lot of room for 2 dogs on the tractor. We don’t have the farm anymore. First people would come in the night and take Daddy’s stuff like his boat and his 4 wheeler, then all the heavy stuff that hooked up to the tractor and the tractor too. They even took the truck and finally kicked us out of the house.

    We live in a little camper now and steal electricity from my Aunt Noralee’s barn. But we still have our family, and Daddy seems happy again. But I have to tell you about the funniest thing when we first came to live here. We don’t have the truck any more so we came out here in Daddy’s special car. We weren’t even allowed to ride in it before- not even Mage. Well its kinda small and low to the ground and my Daddy is really big so its quite a project to get all of out of the car at once. Well we get to the new place and Daddy is trying to carry Mage and has Mom and me on leads. Except his suspenders came unhooked on the seat of the car and his pants fall down. Well he tries to handle that and puts Mage down and she goes after the horse (Sheeza) and some how mom’s and my leaches get loose. Mom goes one way (toward the other horse) but I see CHICKENS! It was so funny to watch! We sure made a good impression on Aunt Noralee! I helped because I saw a chicken running loose so I caught her. I wasn’t trying to hurt her, but I guess she didn’t lay for 2 weeks after that. My Mom ended up over by my Aunts Dog, and Mage saw the error of her ways and ran back to Dad.

    We settled in after that and this is a great place except we don’t get to run loose except when Daddy takes us back by the pond. Right now We are all kinda sore. Last week Mage when off to the Vet and stayed over night and came home with stiches. Then this week my Mom and I went to the Vet too and came home with stiches. They really hurt when I first woke up but they are OK now. My Mom is a little grouchy and doesn’t want to play, so I think stiches are worst for the old ones.

    I love your web page. Your Mum is so cool! I’ll stop by from time to time and let you know how things are going over here. We had a lot of real cold and snow for a while, but Dad got someone up in Canada to call it back and everything has melted and the trailer is a lot warmer now. Talk to you later! Arwen

  41. Hi Arwen

    Thank you for a great post. Loved reading about your lives – sounds as if you have lots of fun but mum says things have been pretty tough for your Dad.

    I know lots about your Uncle too because Mum has read Arnie and me all his stories – he tells a good tale, we felt like we could have been there. Arnie can catch things – he tried to teach me but I can’t keep quiet for long enough, then Arnie gets a bit wild and barks at me

    Sorry about the stitches – they can get very itchy at times – I had them once but it was a long time ago but they don’t seem to stay with you for long. Hope you will all be well soon

    Well I must go now as Mum says it is time for our dinner – hope you will write again

    Butt sniffs

  42. Hi Arwen – me again

    So exciting – that friend of your Daddy who called the weather back to Canada- was it Auntie Joh? Cos I think she has sent it to us!! We have got loads of white stuff here, it appeared over night, and it is soooo cold but it is all very exciting. Arnie was soooo excited that he BARKED for nearly our whole walk so I helped him. Mum didn’t look to pleased and made us stand still until we were quiet but every time she took a step forward we started again – it was very funny and we were out for aaaages.

    Hope you are all OK and your stitches are getting better.

    Sniffs and snuffles

  43. Hi George,
    We live in Denmark and our Mummy read your story to us and we are really happy that you have found such a wonderful forever home with your Mum and your brother.
    And you know what? Peanut is afraid of the thunder and Tarko is afraid of bumblebees. There is nothing wrong with being afraid really. We normally run to our Mummy if we get afraid or Daddy if she is not around. Sitting on Mummy’s lap or on her arm is the best place to be when one is afraid.
    May all three of you have a wonderful day!
    Tarko, Peanut and Mummy

  44. Hi Tarko and Peanut

    Thank you for writing to me I haven’t had anyone write to me for ages. I blame my Mum for not keeping our website up to date. Bet your mummy is more efficient. Arnie and I have trouble in controlling ours!

    My big brother Arnie is afraid of Fireworks but now mum gives him some herby things and he even wagged his tail between the bangs last year. He likes to lie in his cage when he is worried but I am like you, I like mummy to cuddle me, it makes me feel much braver.

    I don’t really mind about any noises but I am always worried that people and other dogs might hurt me. Once, a long time ago when I had only just met mummy two dogs tried to pull me in half. I hurt all over for ages.

    Arnie a I have never been to anywhere exciting, at least only to play with friends, but mum said that once she and Daddy drove from Frederikshavn to Germany but they were only doing something called ‘passing through’ which sounds like what our dinner does and not very nice at all. I’m sure if we had been there we could have made it more interesting

    Butt sniffs and all good things

  45. Hi George – and Arnie too

    We have never been to Frederikshavn… Mummy told us it is very far from where we live (we live in the southern part of something they call Zealand) but we have been out and about with our parents. Peanut like driving the car but Tarko is not too keen on it.
    Our neighbour has a Poodle that we sometimes play with.

    Our Mummy is currently translating our blog from Danish to English but she is not working very fast. It could be our own fault – we tend to demand all her attention and loads of cuddles when she comes home from work. Sometimes we pretend that we won’t eat our dinner and then Mummy will sit down with us and convince us to eat.

    At the moment we keep her busy as we have taken up an old habit – we eat our duvet 😀 It is so much fun taking the filling out but she does not seem to understand the fun part. Parents can really be quite grown up and boring 😉

    We will ask our Mummy to ask your Mummy how she made this penpal page – it’s such a good idea!

    Happy barks!
    Tarko and Peanut

  46. Hi Guys -good to hear from you again!

    I expect our Mum will read us bits from your Blog when your Mum has finished translating. We know English and Dog, which isn’t at all like English because we use our bodies more than making all that noise, but I don’t think we would do very well with Danish. Did you know that we are much better than humans because dogs from all over the world can mainly understand each other. That is except for a few funny breeds whose faces don’t look right or have had things done to their tails – they find talking to other dogs much more difficult.

    I told Arnie about your duvet eating and he was very impressed, he mainly rips his up with his feet so mum has had to find ones with stronger and stronger covers otherwise the kitchen cna look like it is covered in wasm snow in the morning.

    Your mum sounds very kind with all those cuddles, sometimes our mum tucks her hands up and refuses to cuddle us and we have to do something called ‘settle’ Arnie has to do it on his bed but I am usually allowed to curl up against mums legs so it isn’t too bad.

    I have to go in a minute because it is nearly time to play with my Buster Cube which gives me food if I push it around and we often get to play ‘clicker training’ first which is great fun and another way of getting food as well. Mum learns clicker training from this box.

    Got to be off

    Butt sniffs

  47. Hi Tarko and Peanut

    Mum said I was to ask you to thank your mum for standing up for her in another place Her original comment about going to a different forum just started as a joke and she is sorry.

    Also she said she doesn’t know how to set up a Penpal page it was just an option on this blog it is a free site by a great organisation called WordPress

    George 🙂

  48. Hi guys!
    Our Mummy worked on the site a little more last night and she told us she will update her profile page on the forum with the link when she is done.
    Yes, we know Dog and Danish and a little English too. We think it would be pretty cool if Mummy could make the blog in Dog but it might be a little much to ask of her 😀
    We chewed in our duvet again this morning and then Mummy got a little angry and told us “NO!” And then she put on a new cover and told us that we would get in trouble if we destroyed it during the day. It’s really strange, because we do understand that it is wrong to do but we just cannot restrain ourselves…
    Buster Cube? Yeah, we have that one too!!! We inherited it from our sister, who was a German Shepherd (we have never met her, but our parents told us about her). But Mummy says that we will have to get the smaller one – our noses fit into the hole and Mummy is afraid that it’ll get stuck. We think it’s quite fun to stick the nose in and run through the house with the blue cube 😀
    That other place… Mummy got very angry about some of the posts there and since your Mum tried to help she has nothing to be sorry for. Our Mummy believe that your Mum was trying to help and that she will stand up for your Mum any day. Our Mummy dislike people being rude or nagging on others. She also said that she has never experienced any rudeness on the first place she joined – only kind and helpful people.
    Thank you for asking you Mum about the penpal page. We use WordPress on our site too, so maybe we just have to make Mummy check the support forum 😀

    T & P

  49. Hi – Mum said sorry that she didn’t let me know you had written again. The notification went into something called spam

    It sounds great fun running round with your buster cube on your nose. I just have to push mine around and it’s PINK grrr

    Mum says that if you and your mum use Word Press for your site you should have an option for comments, perhaps on your first page and that this is how she has set up our pen pal pages. Does that help?

    I have to go now because Mum says it is late


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