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PhotobucketHi – I love to have pen-friends and read your comments.  As you may know if you have read my story I do find life difficult at times and I am happy to tell you a bit about this or answer any other questions you may have  – George


  1. Hi Lyn,
    just read about George, what a sad start to life he has had & how wonderful he found two such loving people, it made me cry & I can’t bring myself to read about Arnie just yet, but they both sound like great dogs.

  2. Hi Milella – thank you for your comment – sorry reading George’s story made you cry. He is a great little dog and has come on by leaps and bounds. He still finds life difficult on occasionbut really does seem a happy little fellow most of the time.

    Arnie too has sad bits to his life but again he is a great little dog and seems pretty content and can be quite mischievous at times. Their diary pages are more light hearted.

    Lyn x

  3. Hey guys! This is Arwen. I’m sorry I haven’t written for a long time. My dad’s computer stopped working and he got a new one. This is a different kind, its called “Apple” or “MacBook”. The big problem for me is that all my favorite places are gone. But Daddy is putting them back from time to time and I just found you guys again.

    A lot of things have happened over here. I miss our adventures with the fairies and all our friends. It was a lot of fun. I told you about all of us getting stiches. Well we can’t even see them any more and best of all, we don’t have to go thru our Mommiewanttobe times. Those times always scared me and made me feel real odd. Also Mage and I get along a lot better now.

    I didn’t tell you a lot about Mage after we had Stiches. Daddy got real sad a lot and we had to work overtime to cheer him up. But Mage got better and she worked real hard to cheer Daddy up. Then one time she and Daddy went to the Dog Doc alone and when they came home Daddy had Hot dogs and cheese and Ice cream for all of us. And Mage has been all better, Well she’s still old, but she isn’t sick any more and that makes Daddy so happy!

    When we first moved out here I got to know the horses. I love to be outside so I talked to them a lot. Well last fall the pony, Sunshine, when away to visit Merlin, and Red, and Wizard, Warlock, Red Hawk, and many others that came before. This Spring, Sheeza the horse went away too. Then something got into the chicken house and all the Silkies when away. (they were the nicest chickens). Then Uncle Jim went away to the hospital and had a bypass and had a stroke, but he’s better now. And my cousin Jimmy wrecked his car and had to stay in the hospital. He is going to come home soon, but there are some men building in the house because he can’t walk around like he used to.

    And our house caved in. We had a rain leak at the front, and next thing I knew we had a new window in the top. It was big. Daddy has been working hard to fix the trailer.

    And Daddy doesn’t have his special blue car anymore. Now he has a real big shiney black car. It has lots of room and Daddy says it won’t get stuck in the snow. It smells so good. I love leather. Only problem is Daddy won’t let us ride in it. Well not like we used to. I used to get to ride by the window and I could tell Daddy where to go- but not in this car. This car has a big door at the back. When we go out, Daddy puts our Jail in the back and we have to ride in jail. We still get to go for Cheesebuggerplain, but now Daddy opens up the big door and we sit in our jail with the door open and Daddy eats with us.

    Well I guess I wrote way too much for one letter, but I wanted you to know I still think about you. I’ll let you know if Daddy ever gets the upstairs fixed

    Butt sniffs and puppy dog kisses

  4. Hi Arwen

    Great to hear from you! It sounds like you and your daddy have been having a very exciting time and not always in a good way. I hope he can get the new window in the roof of your home sorted out and waterproof before the winter comes.

    There have been lots of changes in your life but you sound as if you cope with them very well – I don’t like change at all, it makes me have ‘stress’ and that makes me very irritable. Also you sound like a very brave dog with having had all those stitches at the vet (I had staples once and wanted to bite the vet but mummy wouldn’t let me. It is good that you feel happier since you had it done and get on better with Mage. Perhaps the vet made some sort of spell for you and stitched it in

    It is great that your daddy has got his computer sorted out. The Naked Aunt has a Mac kind. Perhaps I should explain about the naked Aunt – she calls Arnie and me her furry nephews so because being a human she hasn’t got any fur we call her the naked Aunt

    Anyway Mummy says she needs to do her own stuff on the computer now.

    Licky kisses and butt sniffs


    PS – did you here that Prince William and Kate called their new baby after me? I think I must be famous

    PPS Mummy says she will let your Daddy know when the forum comes back

  5. Oh I was so happy that Kingtobe was named after you! I even posted that on Facebook!

    You should remember from our adventures that I’m not very brave at all. But thats what mommydogs are for. I’m always brave around my Mom.

    I’ll try to keep in touch now that I have a favorite place to use

    Butt sniffs and puppy dog kisses

  6. Hi again George. I wanted to tell you a little story. I hope it won’t make you sad. I know you had horses one time. Well I got along real good with my two. Most of all I got along best with Sheeza. She was real big- I mean real big for a horse because all horses are big. Anyway, Dad takes us back by the pond and lets us go. Daddy calles that “Thebackpasture”. Well Sheeza would follow us back and lots of times we would play. Some times she would lay down on her side and let me get up on her neck and lick her ears.

    Now you know how icky horse food is. Well My mom is always picking up rocks and carrying them around, so I learned how to do that… except I don’t like rocks. Well just outside Thebackpasture there is a field with old trees. And about this time of year, when it starts getting cold, under those trees there will be tons of red balls. Well I brought one of those to Sheeza one day hoping she could play Yellowball with me, only using the red ball. SHE ATE MY REDBALL! Come to find out horses love to eat red balls!

    Well every day we went to Thebackpasture, I would check for red balls under the trees, and if there were some I would take one or two to my friend Sheeza. Then she and I would play Chasearound for a while.

    Its that time of year, and I miss my horse buddies, but we seem to have a bumper crop of muskrats this year so I spend a lot of time with my mom digging while Mage runs around us barking advice.

    Butt sniffs and puppydog kisses,


  7. Hi Arwen

    Sorry not to get back to you yesterday, Mum was hogging the computer until after I had gone to bed. Once she has gone to bed I could get into the sitting room and get to the computer but Arnie and I are on our honour to stay in our bedspace. It is like part of the kitchen but it has our crate dens and some squidgy cushions on the floor. I like to stay there on my honour because it is something I can do to please Mum. I know that it upsets her that I get frightened then get so grumpy. Arnie just goes to sleep but I can remember when he wasn’t such a good boy!

    I remember you saying on Mum’s facebook now about Kingtobe – I just got so excited about it that I wanted to tell everyone

    Your stories are great, I love it when you tell us about your life and sometimes mum reads them out to Arnie ‘n’ me and they are just like real stories. We miss the the adventures that we used to have on the forum too. They were great fun.

    Funny about your horse friend, Sheeza, eating all those red balls, they are certainly strange animals. We had a horse with big feet and lots of fur on his legs like big baggy trousers and I used to try and make him go away except when Mummy or Daddy gave him food, then I tried to help him eat it. Some was yucky but if you looked carefully you could find bits of carrot in it and that is quite tasty and it proves to him that I am not scared of him. I make sure I am out of the way when he puts those big teeth in the bucket then dive in and get my bits when his head is in the air – that shows him!

    Anyway Mum wants the computer back now

    Fluff and butt sniffs


  8. Hiya Nellie,

    It is good of you to look us up – mum doesn’t look after our site properly these days since she got into this forum stuff (you just can’t get the quality of human support these days!)

    On the up side she has learned a lot and taught me some cool things to do

    Butt sniffs from Sussex

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