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  1. Hey Garnie go to my persons website and see a painting of me and my friend holly. Much love and slobbery xxxxx and bum sniffing
    your distant cousin The BBB

  2. Bonjour Cousin Lily (Mother taught me that)

    I have been to your human’s website and looked at you and Holly – I hope we can be friends – although little George finds it hard to manke friends with new people

    If you come over here I will make sure Mother has some of her cheesy tit-bits for you – we usually have Cheddar flavour but we could get Brie if you prefer it

    Snuffles and sniffs
    your cousin

  3. Hello Lyn!
    Was just wondering how you were doing when I got this link from Sally. Have thougth a lot about you and did indeed enjoy the sweet dog stories. Brilliantly written, could not stop reading. Only wish Rowland could read them too…

    Like Arnie points out, there certainly are sad changes in life, however, I feel convinced something exciting is waiting for you around the corner Lyn!

    We are about to sell the house now with lot’s of things involved. Welcome to see us in Stockholm when we are settled!

    I tried to reply yesterday night but since I could not see my comment I’m sure I failed and have another go today. Mark should have made sure that even Swedes, unexperienced in dogs’ blogs,
    succeeds to submit;-) Just joking – he has done a marvellous job! Happy Easter! Lena & Bosse

  4. Hi Lena

    Great to hear from you – both your comments came through but comments don’t appear until they have been ‘approved’; this is to stop any inappropriate material being put on it which is important to me as a number of children read it

    I am really glad you enjoyed the blog as I thought of you when I wrote about the Hanscrif and Vallhunds – in the legends bit – memories of the Vassa – hope I spelled them correctly – please let me know if not and I will correct

    My e-mail address is rl_rla@btinternet.com

    Love to both of you and Happy Easter

  5. tante pis. The old bat is going back to the UK, I can feel it in my bones. I shall be here with the irishman, looking after him and the pony and the cat! It’s a dog’s life. My social life is on hold when she’s away though I do go around looking at race horses, too bloody big for my liking ,but hey, it’s a free feast though the humans don’t appreicate it. Slobbery XXXX and bottom sniffs Lily

  6. Hi Lily

    Sorry to hear about your abondonment – we aren’t too keen on horses – as you say a bit big. George offered Father’s horse, Cobby, a bone once but he just ignored it and stuck his nose in some stuff that looks like Father’s breakfast only Cobby has buckets full of it. Fancy prefering that to a bone! And all that grass they eat – its OK for medicine but chomping on it all day ugg.

    By the way we think the pictures of you and Holly are very good and I should love to meet you, though George says you look very big – but he is easily frightened

    Please keep telling us about your life – it sounds much more interesting than ours

    Loads of licks and butt-sniffs
    Arnie and George

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