These pages mainly comprise a range of resources that I have found useful.  They do not set out to be an exhaustive list of  ‘good’ dog books or websites.

Anything related to training or behaviour (books and internet sites reflect my strong commitment to ‘force free’, positive methods.   Many will have other points of view but my personal experiences have lead me to favour this approach and I hope that others will come to see the benefits and chose training and behavioural establishments that also espouse these principals.


Learning blog

Useful books


Rewards (reinforcers) what to use

Fearful and Aggressive Dogs


I don’t pretend to have any deep knowledge or experience of training or behavioural problems but I am very interested and read increasingly, particularly about those issues that affect my boys.  While I would always recommend that anyone who has a new dog joins a good training class and consults a behaviourist for any more complex issues I think that developing some background knowledge will help in recognising better training centres and identifying when further help may be required.



Other (to be developed)


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