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Fenn - Another friend of Arnie and George

Fenn - a fine young miniature schnauzer


Fenn was one of Arnies earliest visitors.  He belongs to Cindy and Mark and as it was Mark  who made this blog possible Fenn considers himself a very important person.

Having come to see Arnie several times before the advent of George Fenn was not amused by the rude reception he received on his first meeting with him but they get on well now.

Jessie and Flossie

Jessie and Flossie 'our best friends'



Jessie and Flossie

Jessie (L) and Flossie (R) are George’s and Arnie’s closest friends.  They are happy to visit each other and share toys and chews.  Flossie and George run free together in the forest, she is the only dog, other than Arnie, that George can run free with at present

"Oh my poor head"
“Oh my poor head”



Frostie is a GreyhoundxWhippet and one of George’s few friends – they got on from their first meeting.  Credit going mainly to Frostie who was totally unfazed by George’s   ‘attitude’.

This picture was taken after he had badly torn his ear on a rose thorn – not a fight with George!

Dolly infront of the fireplace

Waiting for Santa?


Dolly was Arnie’s first friend – in fact without her Arnie wouldn’t even be living with us.  Because she came from Raystede we went there and found Arnie.  They used to run together until Dolly was exhausted then Arnie would try and tease her into chasing him again by dragging a piece of cord in front of her.

Greetings from France
Arnie and George are making friends all over the place.  If you are a good looking dog why not send your picture and a bit about yourself to add to our gallery?
Black Lab

Lily (with the permission of the artist)

Lily, a black Lab, is a distant cousin (through the human line!) and commutes between France and England.  Her human is an artist and as well as painting pets she paints landscapes including some beautiful designs on silk. Do visit her site

George’s French Pen-friend and his friends


Collection of Jake's friends

George's friend Jake and his friends - 1) Jake 2) Jake with 'a little French floosie called Renne' 3) Snuggled up on a cold winter evening 4) Loki and Mitten - 'love at first site' 5) Jake's friend Jasper 6) Mitten - and it is she who is the wrong way up, not the picture!

George has found himself a French pen-friend, Jake. Jake came from a rescue center in Sussex but now  lives in France with Jasper, Loki and Mitten.  They also live with some goats which George thought might be good to chase until their horns were pointed out to him

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