A clicker and what’s behind it

Before you even think any more about clickers you may be interested to read this article which on the face of it would seem to be about as far from dog training as you can get

Autism: Chaos to Calm

For more about what’s behind TAG and Clicker Training

More about TAGteach

What is Clicker Training


The following is an excellent video introducing Clicker training – for anyone interested I have books by Karen Pryor that you may borrow


The two videos below provide more information about training through positive reinforcement – the first is on Clicker Training and the second on how you can and use these principals by replacing the ‘Click’ with a ‘marker’ word or sound to replace the ‘Click’




Added 07.04.2017

Is Clicker Training the Most Effective Way to Train Dogs? This article looks at whether a word of praise is as effective as a clicker sound for dog training?

the following video may also be helpful to anyone new to our reward based training methods.

There may be more Clicker stuff to come so watch this page

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