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The newest additions, including Carolyn Menteith’s (Dogs Trust) video, in which she starts without a lead, and Steve Mann’s ‘Drunken Walking’ video are at the bottom of the page.


A few years ago I slipped on the ice and fell badly, it wasn’t the dogs’ fault but it unnerved me and I resolved that one way or another I had to stop the boys pulling so I set to work on the problem. I was determined to have resolved it before the following winter’s snow and ice became a hazard.

The following is the result of my search for help:

The first is a Dogs Trust video which was my first main break-through. I have refined my ‘loose lead walking’ a bit since following the guidance on this video but it essentially gives you everything you need to know.

There are alternative videos further down the page, each using a slightly different approach, which some people may prefer

For those preferring the written word one of the best books on the topic is My Dog Pulls. What Do I Do?’ by Turid Rugaas – if you follow the link you will see that it is a ‘look-inside’ book on Amazon so you can have a preview.

You will have heard in the Video above that if dogs pulls sufficiently it is possible for them to harm their necks. Emily Larlham explores this further on her Blog

Alternative videos below – all the information and methods are similar but some people find one person’s approach suits them better than another. Whichever method you choose the bottom line is that positive reiforcement works best and never again should your dog be rewarded for pulling by getting where it wants to go. (more information on rewards)


Dec 2015 – Emily Larlham has just added the video below for people who’s dogs will walk calmly until they get a treat and then rush ahead

2016 – new videos added – starting on the right foot

Training loose lead walking the Carolyn Menteith way – more suitable for home where it is easier to have your dog off lead



Training loose lead the Steve Mann way – more suitable for classroom and outdoor settings where it isn’t always so easy to have your dog off lead.



Get the most out of your training by using both methods in the appropriate settings

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