Dogs’ Body Language

This page is for those doing Lin and Lyn’s and Lyn and Zilda’s courses to enable you to understand what we mean when we discuss dogs’ body language in class. It will eventually have a number of links and videos and book titles on the topic

Book – On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals by Turid Rugaas (Amazon link inserted to allow preview)

Video – Dogs’ Body Language

Video – Dogs body Language 2

Family friendly Dogs Body Language video (language geared to be enjoyed by all the family including younger members) added 20.09.2017

Article – To Hug or Not? by Michael Baugh

Website – Silent Conversations: Insights into Canine Communication looking at dogs body language in some depth and explaining how gestures may take on a different meaning within a specific context


Aggression and prevention of aggression/bites

It should be kept in mind that the root of most aggression is fear, it may be fear of pain, attack or loosing something valued but whatever the cause punishment isn’t going to improve the situation. If a dog you own or know shows aggression or any change in behaviour please in the first place see a vet/advise the owner to see a vet and secondly seek help from a qualified professional who is experienced in using force free methods of addressing behavioural issues.

Safety of other people, other dogs, your own dog and yourself must be considered a priority. Use of a muzzle and dog gates can help you manage the problem until such time as you can get help.

Ladder of Aggression by Kendal Shepherd (PDF) a diagram of the steps leading to aggression.

Article – If Looks Could Kill by Nicole Wilde

Article – The Threat of Stillness by Nicole Wild

Website – The Muzzle Up! Project

If you think your dog is fearful you may find Debbie Jacob’s Fearful Dog website, book and Facebook group useful


The fliers below can also be handy for people new to dogs’ body language


Doggie Language



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