Spike and the Dog Fing by Anezka Turek

A Cautionary Tale

This story is based on true events though the dogs’ breeds and names have been changed.

I wait … nothing yet.

Still nothing ….

Hey? What’s this tiny thing eh? …

A walking ball of fluff?

I fink they call it a poodle! What’s this? Lucy? Lucy the poodle this has got to be a joke! I’m Spike. Spike the bulldog.

Hey… what? Her pet human is giving her a treat! That’s not fair my pet human never ever gives me treats “Grrrr Grrrr”. I can’t help myself I have to jump the fence… great. I have landed on my paws well,  right in front of Lucy. You get treats. …You’re on my territory…. What the stupid man shoo me away? I’ll show him.

I leaped at Lucy pulling her to the ground, wow I knew Lucy was weak but not this weak I couldn’t believe my luck! Before I knew it I was on top of Lucy hurting her with my sharp teeth. Her human was too late to help her ….

Would you want this to happen with your dog? If you have an aggressive dog make sure your fence is safe so it can’t get out.

Written by Anezka Turek age: 11



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