Arnie’s Legend

Picture of the hare in the moon

Should one look up at the moon as it rises over the horizon, at that time when it draws near to its fullness, one might, without over exerting one’s imagination, see the unmistakable form of a hare.

It was under the luminescence of such a moon that the Big Dog sent a litter of embryo pups to a mother Harrier and before the Hare had left the moon for the third time, Arnie was born.   Though his eyes were tightly shut, the image of the Hare entered his dreams and insinuated itself on his unformed imagination demanding recognition.

In the ancient tales hares are associated not only with the moon but also many disparate things, including cunning, bravery, wildness and even a little madness; those born under such a moon may be be both blessed and cursed with such of these traits as are gifted to them by the Hare.

Some four weeks later the diminutive Arnie, raising his newly opened eyes to the night sky beheld the silhouette of the Hare, clearly imprinted on the face of the moon and he wanted – oh how he wanted it.  And in his yearning, the unmistakable outline became embedded in his consciousness and he determined that as soon as he was big enough he would find it.

Thus was Arnie cursed.  Never more would he be able to settle completely for no sooner than he became comfortable he would be overcome with the insatiable longing and he would be driven to hunt for that elusive goal

Then the Moon Hare seeing how the little dog was disturbed and laughed to himself saying “Little one you will never find me and you will never have peace but nevertheless, I shall give you two gifts.   I shall bestow upon you measureless cunning and great bravery, which will be with you throughout your life.  Use them carefully, for of themselves these gifts are neither a blessing nor a curse, but may work for your good or undoing according to your wisdom.”

So through all the years Arnie has had the urge to wander and however comfortable he may be the battle between the desire for home and comfort versus the desire to roam wages it war  

The lovely moon picture at the top is by Sabine Contreras clearly shows the Hare in the Moon and Sabine has generously said I can use it to illustrate Arnie’s legend.  Sabine’s has two websites ‘The Dog Food Project’ and ‘Better Dog Care’  Do please visit the food project site – it is excellent. I have used it for years to help me better understand dog food options and labelling.


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