George’s Home Page

Breed – Jack Russell Terrier cross (breed and temperament!) – broken coated
Height -  11½”
Weight – 7.3kg
For more on my appearance see ‘How Dogs Are Made and George Got His Looks’ because I have got my very own legend.  Mum says she will see if she can find something for Arnie but mine came first!

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Totally different in every way, training Arnie and George has certainly been a testing experience for all three of us!

GeorgeGeorge, unlike Arnie, always wants to please those few humans he really trusts, but he has  a fearful disposition which he manifests as aggression.  His world is divided in two – friends, upon whom his affection should be lavished unsparingly, and enemies who, come what may, must be frightened away.  The aim with George is to train him to take a ‘neutral’ stance towards at least 85% of his perceived ‘enemy’ and to turn to me when he is confronted by anything that makes him anxious – a concept which I understand behaviourists refer to as ‘defaulting to the handler’.  Although this sounds somewhat technical, the section on learning with George is about my personal experiences and it is not intended to be a training manual.  Whilst I hope it may encourage people with similar problems to persevere, I can’t over-emphasise the value of seeking help from a canine behaviourist or a trainer with experience in this field.

Comming soon -  more about George’s training see ‘learning with George’