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Breed – Harrier
Height – 18″
Weight – 30 lb


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Picture of Arnie sitting in the sun

Please can someone fetch my sunglasses?

Totally different in every way, training Arnie and George has certainly been a testing experience for all three of us!

Arnie is a self-confident dog, who is almost totally ruled by his stomach and exhibits a total disregard for human intervention, unless he can see it is in his best interest.  The issues with him have been around teaching him it is to his advantage to behave well, and it soon became all too apparent that doggie thought processes bear little resemblance to their human counterparts.  For instance if I let him off his lead for a run one day and he came back when called I would reward him by letting him off again the next day.  His interpretation of this was that the more freedom he had the more he should take and the second (or third) day he would not come back for two .. three .. four …. or even more hours!  Now I never let him off two days in a row.  This is obviously an outstanding area for training yet to be addressed.  In the event of any success I shall add it to the blog so, if you share this problem, watch this space and re-visit us from time to time.

For more about Arnie’s training see ‘Learning With Arnie’




Arnie loves Jacquie Lawson’s Chudleigh cards and George loves those that feature Jack the little JR pup – the pic below is changed by the JL website monthly so may not always be showing one of the boys’ favourite cards so why not visit and see what they have?

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