Lyn’s Home Page

This section contains my ‘Diary of a Dog Walker’  – not as a professional but as the person who likes to think she is in charge of Arnie’s and George’s walks and is mainly a description of the beautiful countryside we are fortunate enough to live in.

Also a miscellany of Arnie’s  and George’s favourite stories – click on the menu below or use the drop-down for items that suit your mood – but be warned some parts of ‘Arnie and George get Thoughtful’ are sad.

It’s a Dogs Life Stories from the day to day lives of dogs and their owner

1.  Sussex Spring ..

Arnie and George Get Thoughtful the more solomn of Doggie Tales

1. Spike and the Dog Fing by Anezka Turek (age 11yrs)

2. A Pet’s  Ten Commandments from the JRT website with permission

3. How could you? from the JRT website with permission

The Little Dogs Laughed A collection of jokes and amusing anectotes

1. Buy a dog?

2. Is a Dog Better Than … ? x